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Welcome to the Department of Geology

Geology is a subject which mainly aims in deciphering the whole evolution of earth and its inhabitants from the time of the earliest records that can be recognised in rocks right down to the present day (Holmes, 1945).

Geology, an interdisciplinary subject helps in solving issues of daily importance and long term consequences. The subject knowledge is very useful to Government and businesses to develop infrastructure and live in harmony with the natural environment. Geology develops students, professionals, and the public the tools for understanding relationship between the Earth and people.

The Department of Geology has become a part of the esteemed Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous) in the year 2020 by introducing a career related double main course to the student community. In its initial steps, the department is progressing to constitute a well equipped laboratory for the practical aptitude. It is expecting to start post graduate programmes and research activities in the near future.

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